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  • Grater China Business Links
  • Young Entrepreneurs Development Council

  • Weir & Associates

  • SinoLaw

  • Quick Law

  • Hexagon Group

    HEXAGON provides business services to small and medium-sized companies. It aims to give one-stop assistance and advice to clients through its representatives. Hexagon provides specialists from various business areas such as: business secretarial, accounting, taxation, commercial and investment.

  • Commonly Used Chinese Law

  • China Today - selected Laws of China

    China Today is an online information database for facts and figures based on the economic, social, and cultural status of the People’s Republic of China. Under the “Law and Justice” section, information pertaining to China law administrations and associations, sources and information, blogs, education and research, and international law, can be found.

  • China Judge

  • China Law Information Service at Peking University (Chinese)

    The Peking University School of Law is dedicated to building a world class reputation through its recent development within the last decade that has brought in an array of top scholars and lecturers whilst cooperating with international organizations such as the United Nations Economic and Social Council and the World Trade Organisation.

  • China Law Information

    China Law Information is an online legal information service which has pioneered the development of electronic law databases in China. China Law Information has steered the domestic development of online legal research and rolled out services including software development, online legal education, and legal translation. China Law Information strives to provide users with the most comprehensive and user-friendly services for online Chinese legal research.

  • Asia Business Secretarial

    Asia Business Secretarial provides corporate services for local and overseas companies. The team helps in areas such as tax strategy, improvement cash flow and solving international trading issues. Their focus is also to assist international company formation in the same areas including business restructuring, corporate finance and management consulting.

  • APG Business Services

    APG Business Services Ltd provides services for firms or individuals who are established or looking to establish a presence in Hong Kong. They manage personalized answering services through a 24 hour bilingual Call Centre in Cantonese and English. They specialize in Property Management, Emergency dispatching Service, Customer Satisfaction Evaluation, Sales Support and Order processing

  • 1st China

    1st China

  • Chambers
  • World Trade Organization (WTO)

    The World Trade Organization is an organization that facilitates trade agreements between different member governments. It operates a system of trade rules which allows governments to open trade markets as well as to maintain trade barriers that protect consumers.

  • United Nations (UN)

    The United Nations is an international organisation formed after WW2 and consists of 193 members that are representative of their respective countries. The pertinent decision-making members are grouped as the Security Council and consist of the United States, Russia, United Kingdom, France, and China. The Security Council works with other committees within the organisation, notably, the General Assembly and the Economic and Social Council to maintain and uphold international peace and security.

  • Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong

    The Swedish Chamber of Commerce of Hong Kong provides a platform for Swedish or Swedish related companies to build business relations and increase exposure through networking, promotion, representation, information/ communication, and business opportunities.

  • The Spanish Chamber of Commerce, Hong Kong

    The Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong aims to promote and expand Spanish influence in Hong Kong’s economic and social sectors. By increasing commercial opportunities for its members in the industrial and service sectors an improved interaction can be generated between the two nations.

  • Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

    The OECD allows governments to discuss experiences and seek solutions to common problems. By measuring and analyzing data of investment and flows of trade, the OECD sets standards and predicts future trends. The organisations’ ultimate goal is to promote policies that intend to improve social and economic well-being of people around the world.

  • The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong

  • The Irish Business Forum of Hong Kong

  • German Chamber of Commerce, Hong Kong

    The member organizations of the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce in China includes around 2,500 German companies. It offers services to advise and support Sino-German companies in a large scope including market entries, training, searches for business partners and development and business events.

  • French Chamber of Commerce & Industry

    The French Chamber of Commerce & Industry contributes to developing and fostering economic, commercial and financial relations between France and Hong Kong. It offers 15 dynamic and business-oriented committees or working groups, they also organize over 70 events per year, providing a wide range of corporate seminars, workshops and social gatherings. Their main goal is to develop a platform on which members can forge better relationships with the business community and keep informed of developments in their field of interest.

  • Finnish Chamber of Commerce, Hong Kong

    The Finnish Chamber of Commerce is the focal point for business networking, knowledge sharing, and market visibility for Finnish and Finnish related businesses. Finnish Camber of Commerce facilitates opportunities for its members to promote their business interests in Hong Kong and through Hong Kong into Mainland China, and fosters commerce and communication between Finland and Hong Kong.

  • The European Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong

    The European Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong (ECC) is a “Chamber of Chambers” where 15 European member Chambers in Hong Kong can communicate with each other and other economic circles. It supports all types of economic exchanges between the European Union and Hong Kong and assists problems that European companies may find in the Chinese market.

  • Dutch Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong

    The Dutch Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong is a non-profit organisation, representing companies of all sizes that have a stake in developing trade between the Netherlands, Hong Kong and Asia. The Dutch Chamber has 400 individual members and 200 companies as member. They organize activities such as breakfast meetings, luncheons, seminars, workshops, language trainings and all kinds of social events.The Dutch Chamber has over time invested in an extensive network and built relationships with the Hong Kong government, with other chambers in Hong Kong as well as with organisations in mainland China and the Netherlands.

  • Danish Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong

    The Danish Chamber of Commerce is a business platform that assists Danish and Danish-related companies and individuals in Hong Kong. DCC identifies matters of common interest in relation to Denmark and not specifically to the nationalities of the individual members. It examines and discusses these matters which usually affect economic, industrial and commercial issues as well as health and educational matters.

  • Canadian Chamber of Commerce

    The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong is a non-government organisation that allows members with business interests in Canada and the Asia-Pacific region to communicate through an extensive network platform.

  • British Chamber of Commerce

    The British Chamber of Commerce is an independent, non-governmental association that facilitates communications and relations of 500 companies of all sizes and origins. It helps member businesses and build their profile by providing key resources and contacts to guide them.

  • The Belgium-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong

    The Belgium-Luxemburg Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong strives to promote trade and investment by strengthening bilateral ties between these business communities. It provides a platform for business people to meet, to exchange information, and to discuss common interests within the Region and Hong Kong.

  • The Austrian Chamber of Commerce

    The Austrian Chamber of Commerce serves as a networking platform for the Austrian community and its interests in Hong Kong to create, advance, and promote relations between Austria and Hong Kong.

  • Australian Chamber of Commerce

    The Australian Chamber of Commerce is envisioned in three core areas. The first one is to connect, potential business partners, supporting parties and clients with their members. It engages members with a committee that allows them to access to other leaders in their professional areas. Thirdly it represents its members to government departments and other leading organizations.

  • American Chamber of Commerce

    The American Chamber of Commerce is a volunteer and independent business organization that represents more than 30 nationalities and large as well as small and medium-sized enterprises. They promote effective Corporate Responsibility by helping to find the best way to make a positive difference in giving back to the Hong Kong community.

  • International Law
  • World Link for Law

    World Link for Law is a leading network of international law firms, comprising teams of international lawyers. It presently entails a network of 70 law firms with 80 countries in 47 countries. World Link acts as facilitators of international legal services for the international business community, in-house lawyers, lawyers in private practice, or individuals needing a lawyer in another country.

  • World Jurists Association

    The World Jurists Association (WJA) is a non-governmental association that allows legal professionals from international communities to work strengthen and expand the Rule of Law and its worldwide institutions. The WJA promotes world peace through cooperative dialogues between governments and non-governmental organizations and international associations.

  • Weir and Associates

    Weir and Associates is a local Hong Kong firm comprised of solicitors and notaries which carries out business in Hong Kong, the Asia Pacific, and internationally. Working under the title of a “business firm”, Weir and Associates provides legal services to businesses pertaining to commercial transactions, corporate finance and restructuring, conveyancing, intellectual property, arbitration, and litigation, amongst others.

  • Victorian Bar Association

    The Victorian Bar is an association of barristers who practice in Victoria. They are responsible for making the rules of the legal profession that control barristers and also deals with complaints against them. The Bar also helps with the processing of applications for practicing certificates of barristers.

  • UN Human Rights Centre

  • Supreme Court of Canada

    The Supreme Court of Canada is a national institution that serves Canadians by contributing to the development of the legal profession applicable within Canada. The Supreme Court of Canada sets the foundations for a strong, secure and democratic country by focusing on the quality of its work, its independence and the value of it both in Canada and abroad.

  • Society for Computers and Law

    The Society of Computers and Law is a global community that pertains to the legal professionals who advise and practice within the IT sector or in a commercial context with a brief that includes such issues as IT, data protection and e-commerce. Regular online seminars allow for group discussions on topics which makes it easier to share information within the IT law sector. SCL also serves as a cost-effective training program for students and professionals who are potentially or already working in a professional environment.

  • New South Wales Bar Association

    The New South Wales Bar Association serves to promote, maintain, and improve the interests and standards of local practicing barristers whilst diminishing the existence of malpractice and professional misconduct within the Association.

  • Mackrell International

  • Law Society of Hong Kong

    The Law Society of Hong Kong supports and protects the character, status, and interests of Hong Kong based solicitors by promoting ethical and good standards of practice, whilst acts to ensure and maintain a high level of professionalism by all members.

  • Law Asia

    LAWASIA’s main objective is to foster professional and business relations between lawyers, businesses and government representatives in the Asia Pacific region. LAWASIA also promotes the rule of law in a diverse range of political, cultural, social and economic contexts throughout the region. Other objectives of LAWASIA include: to promote the administration of justice, the protection of human rights and the maintenance of the rule of law within the region; to advance the standard of legal education within the region by all practicable means; to encourage communication and liaison between members in relation to general and specialised areas of law, to name but a few.

  • Law Society of Western Australia

    The Law Society of Western Australia is the professional association for Western Australia’s barristers and solicitors and is comprised of 40 active policy, statutory and administrative committees, made up of Society members.

  • Law Society of Upper Canada

    The Law Society of Upper Canada is responsible of approving that paralegals and lawyers of Ontario meet high standards of learning, competence and professional conduct with the purpose of ensuring that the people of Ontario are properly served by legal professionals. In order to protect, maintain and advance the Rule of Law, the Law Society facilitates the access to justice for its people.

  • Law Society of Tasmania

    The Law Society of Tasmania assists the State of Tasmania by regulating their legal professons as well as providing services to its memebers by enforcing high standards of the legal profession of the State of Tasmania.

  • Law Society of Singapore

    The Law Society of Singapore provides legal professionals with programs that help them to acquire and maintain professional competence. It ensures its practitioner members with the skills and knowledge to meet the demands of the legal practice.

  • Law Society of New Zealand

    The Law Society of New Zealand provides services supporting the effective development and operation of the profession to ensure its members uphold high standards of legal practice and to facilitate a strong legal community.

  • Law Society of England and Wales

    The Law Society represents solicitors from England and Wales who are responsible for negotiating and lobbying the profession’s regulators, governments, and others, to ultimately protect and promote solicitors in England and Wales.

  • Law Council of Australia

    The Law Council of Australia represents the legal profession at national and international level. It supports the administration of justice by assisting governments, courts and federal agencies with the objective of improving the system for the benefit of the community.

  • International Bar Association

    The International Bar Association is the world’s leading organisation of international legal practioners, bar associations, and law societies. The main focus of the IBA is to influence the development of international law reform and shape the way of the global legal profession. The proprietory aim is to promote an exchange between legal associations worldwide, support the independence of the judiciary and the right of lawyers to practice their profession without interference, and to support human rights for lawyers worldwide through its Human Rights Institute.

  • International Law Students Association

    The International Law Students Association educates students and lawyers around the world in the principles and purposes of international law, international organizations and institutions, and comparative legal systems, through activities that include academic conferences, the publication of books, magazines, and other academic resources, the global coordination of student chapter organizations, and the administration of the Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition. Their aim is to encourage communication, contribute to legal education, provide opportunities, assist potential, assist and encourage, and to engage students and lawyers to promote development and promotion of international law, study, and practice.

  • The Hong Kong Bar Association

    The Hong Kong Bar Association is a professional organization that deals with all matters regarding the legal profession and the administration of justice in Hong Kong. Its aims include maintaining the honor and independence of the Bar, improving the administration of Justice, dictating rules of professional conduct and developing good relations and understanding of the legal profession.

  • Inter-Pacific Bar Association

    The Inter-Pacific Bar Association provides its members with opportunities to contribute towards the development of the legal profession within the APAC Region and the development and improvement of the legal profession’s status and organisation within the Region. It also contributes towards the development of the law and legal structures within the Region whilst meeting and exchanging ideas with other lawyers who live in, or are interested in, the Region.

  • Hague Conference on Private International Law

    With 74 Members (73 States and the European Union) representing all continents, the Hague Conference on Private International Law is a global inter-governmental organisation. A melting pot of different legal traditions, it develops and services multilateral legal instruments, which respond to global needs.

  • Federation of Law Societies of Canada

    The Federation of Law Societies of Canada is the national coordinating body of Canada’s 1 4 provincial and territorial law societies. The goal of the Federation is to increase public interest by strengthening Canada’s system of governance of an independent legal profession, reinforcing public confidence in it and making it a leading example for justice systems around the world.

  • CTTA Government Information Service

  • Canadian Bar Association

    The CBA is a professional, voluntary organization that acts as the voice for all members of the legal profession. It provides them with personal and professional development and support and promotes fair justice systems and equality. It is committed to enhancing the legal profession and commercial interests of its members as well as protecting the independence of the association.

  • Bar Council UK

    The Bar Council UK represents barristers of England and Wales promoting advocacy specialists that provide advisory services through a high standard of ethics, equality and diversity across the profession. They also aim at the development of business opportunities for barristers at home and abroad.

  • Australian Legal Information Institute

    The Australian Legal Information Institute provides free access for Australian legal and information. It publishes primary and secondary public legal materials from a range of legislations and treaties to law reforms and royal commission reports. It also facilitates a substantial collection of law journals.

  • Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Publications

    APEC provides publications of open discussions through economic forums that encourage respect for all perspectives with the aim of sustaining the increase on economic growth, productivity and wealth in the Asia-Pacific market.

  • APEC-Dispute Mediation Experts Group's Guide to Arbitration and Dispute Resolution

  • Hong Kong Government
  • What's coming up

  • Legislative Council

  • The Judiciary

    The Judiciary’s primary aim is to maintain an independent and effective judicial system which upholds the rule of law, safeguards the rights and freedoms of the individual, and commands confidence within and outside Hong Kong.

  • Hong Kong Government

    The Hong Kong Government website provides specific and general details about Hong Kong. It supplies facts and statistics of the city as well as economic indicators, trends and reports. It provides with information about general holidays and allows access to the yearbook.

  • Hong Kong Police Force

    The Hong Kong Police Force works hard to provide a safe and stable society. It upholds the Rule of Law and maintains law and order. It works on preventing and detecting crime as well as safeguarding and protecting life and property. It works in partnership with the community and other agencies and overall maintains public confidence in the Force.

  • Governmental notice

  • Government at your service

    The Hong Kong Government Service website dissects into four sections under: residents, non-residents, business & trade, and social groups. It serves as a medium to access Hong Kong’s diverse economic, social, and cultural sectors, such as: employment, environment, education, immigration, and taxes, to name but a few. The website links the user to a vast stream of information pertaining to each topic which has been accumulated by the Hong Kong government.

  • Government and Related Organisations

  • Elections

    The Chief Executive Election is carried out by a specific voting system along with a conduct and supervision team. In order to qualify as a candidate one must comply with general qualifications including being a permanent resident and age restrictions. Each member of the Election Committee has one single secret vote and a candidate who obtains more than half of the total number of valid votes is returned to the election.

  • District Councils

  • The Chief Executive

    Mr. C Y Leung is the chief executive of Hong Kong. He has demonstrated created a website that allows citizens to express their views and concerns about Hong Kong. He promised to be a “Chief Executive for the people” and therefore is committed to serve the community through the appreciation of its needs and expectatives.

  • 2008 Legislative Council Election

    The 2008 Legislative Council Elections took place on the 7th September 2008. The website gives facts of the elections as well as some guidelines of how they took place.

  • Law in Hong Kong
  • The Sino-British Joint Declaration

    The Sino-British Joint Declaration is a settlement regarding the maintenance and prosperity of Hong Kong between the governments of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the People’s Republic of China. Discussed in the settlement is the subject of handing back sovereignty to China post 1 July 1997 and the outline of China’s basic policies regarding Hong Kong.

  • Hong Kong Legal Information Institute (HKLII)

    Developed and operated by the University of Hong Kong Department of Computer Science and Faculty of Law, the HLII is a free legal information system which provides access to primary legal materials from Hong Kong.

  • Historical Laws of Hong Kong Online

    The Historical Laws of Hong Kong Online is a full-text image database providing access to past revised editions of Hong Kong Laws. The database comprises a total of seven consolidations of the laws of Hong Kong: 1890, 1901, 1912, 1923, 1937, 1950, and 1964 (last updated to 1989). With the current Laws of Hong Kong available on the web, the Historical Laws of Hong Kong Online database rightly fills the gap in legal research on the historical development of the law of Hong Kong.

  • The Billigual Laws information System (BLIS) - The Statutes of Hong Kong

    The BLIS is an electronic database of the legislation of Hong Kong. It provides bilingual texts of Ordinances and subsidiary legislation on or after 30 June 1997.

  • Basic Law Bulletin

    The Basic Law bulleting aims at promoting awareness and knowledge of the Basic Law. It introduces key provisions and concepts of the Basic Law and it summarizes recent Basic Law court cases and decisions. The Bulleting is published by the Department of Justice, the Civil Service Bureau and the Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Bureau.

  • The Basic Law

    HKSAR Government website that provides all the information you require in relation the Basic Law, including the full text of the Basic Law, Interpretations on the Basic Law and Decisions by the NPCSC, Publications and other useful links

  • Law of the People's Republic of China
  • Law Info China

    An informative website that contains articles on Chinese law, recent updates and information on the Law and Regulation

  • China Today

    Contains selected laws of China - China law, china laws regarding investment in China, Chinese laws, China constitution etc.

  • China Judge

    An informative website that provides information on PRC laws.

  • China Law Information Service at PKU

    Information on the Peking University Law School, a Chinese law school that has one of the longest histories in China

  • Trusted Hong Kong Business Services
  • Corporate Web Design Services

    Peak Digital is an innovative web design company based in Hong Kong. Peak Digital strives to redesign and re-imagine the layout of traditional web pages. The company typically works on large or recurring projects for hot startups and stylish brands.